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It seems to me that a distinctive feature of liberal imperialism is the stratification of victims of injustice into worthy and unworthy castes. The worthy become rallying cries, fuel for campaigns of public outrage and possibly some limited consciousness-raising within a narrow framework which does not challenge liberal imperialism itself. The unworthy — the silent majority of the world — suffer their fates and disappear in the shadows, abused, ignored, and forgotten, like roadkill. And it seems to me that at part of the criteria which separate the worthy and unworthy, is that the worthy are deemed to have "crossover appeal" (e.g. appeal to whiteness, appeal to maleness), whereas addressing injustices against the unworthy could raise challenges to unchallengeable aspects of the social order and thus to liberal imperialism itself.

i.e. where is the feminist twitter/media campaign for these women? i.e. remind me again why getting michael moore/keith olbermann to change their minds/apologize is priority number one. and how them changing their minds is going to do anything to help these women. don't worry, i'll wait.

I don't think it's a productive use of energy either. But even putting that aside, it's interesting to me that what these men are the ones who need to apologize publicly, and not, say, Regis Philbin.  A guy in the media who actually assaulted someone. 

And I know people were angry and upset and wrote about why he was so wrong to treat Nicki Minaj like that. But I haven't come across an organized effort to get Regis or the network to apologize for condoning actual, literal sexual violence.

And, shit, I'm lazy. Maybe there was a big liberal feminist campaign to get Regis Philbin to apologize for assaulting someone on national television and I just missed the hashtag?


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