Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep Doing It: aka The Black Women's Walk on Water Mutual Respect Supreme Love Society Award

At a celebration of Toni Cade Bambara's short, powerful everything-changing life, Toni Morrison, her friend, editor and collaborator mentioned that the two of them formed a committee called some poetic variation on "The Black Women's Walk on Water Mutual Respect Supreme Love Society." At sporadic times when they wanted to support each other's writing and work in the world they would send each other small checks, whatever they could afford...with the are the recipient of the Black Women's Walk on Water Mutual Respect Supreme Love Award...

What a beautiful practice. What a tradition we walk in. For those of you who contributed your "Walk on Water" dollars to the QBG preservation fund, for all of us who bankroll paypal by helping to fund each others dream projects, healing tattoos, necessary journeys, lifeline equipment, we are next generation initiates in the way Toni loves Toni and we love each other/each self enough to insist that wealth is never individual and that we have the material power to create the world we deserve.

And there is evidence of this everywhere. I am particularly present to and grateful for the way over 60 loved ones and comrades made donations and hooked up speaking gigs so that Q(ueer) (B)rilliant (G)ander Julia and I could actually achieve our dream and buy the Revolutionary Vehicle an old-school retro fuel efficient RV that will allow us to enact the MobileHomeComing Project and travel the country documenting and amplifying the resilience and brilliance of our queer Black community. Missed the fun? Feel free to donate to keep us eating and mobile on the road. And check out a video of our journey to find the RV here:

And a couple of weeks ago some Quirky radicals gathered in Durham, North Carolina to celebrate the Combahee River Collective and honor Sakia Gunn with a week long ritual of creating and transforming community. Check out pictures from Combahee Survival Revival Week from QBG Moya here:

Combahee Survival in general:

a very hot game of "Hot Date"

and a super useful guide to edible plants from QBG Zachari's herban foraging tour of Durham:

And this every week you have plenty of opportunities to show your Mutual Respect and Supreme love with that which matters so much more than money ever should. Your words and your presence!

For example...rock out to QBG Corinne Stevie's new album at the Land of the Free Release Party:

Contribute your brilliance and ferocity to the FAAN Mail project...engaging popular artists in transformative feminist ways:!/pages/FAAN-Mail/116931731667497

Write something for the American Pariah project:

and very urgently due to the further escalation of the state of Israel against human rights activists bringing aid to Gaza raise your voice in support of Palestine following the lead of QBG Mai'a:

You are a recipient in the Black Girls are From the Future (cite QBG Renina) Multi-directional Bliss Lustful Revolution Award.

Don't spend it all in one place! :)

Infinite love,

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