Saturday, January 16, 2010

French & Creole Language skills for Haiti in Atlanta

The hearts and minds of our community are with those struggling to
recover from the devastating earthquake damage and loss of life in
Haiti.  Many persons have asked if there are special ways in which
they could help in the wake of this catastrophe. With this in mind, we
are asking interested students, staff and faculty who have fluent
French or Creole language skills to register at Volunteer Emory
. Should evacuees from Haiti pass through Atlanta in the coming days
or weeks, the ability to serve them as translators or interpreters
would be an invaluable resource to the evacuees and responders alike.
While other opportunities are being identified, please also consider
contributions to the charitable organizations
 active in the response and know that your continued prayers and
support for the stricken Haitian community are much appreciated.

Alexander Isakov, MD, MPH
Emory CEPAR <>

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