Wednesday, August 4, 2010

let your voice be heard! affirming research for lesbian/bisexual women of color

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Hello! My name is Cirleen DeBlaere, and I am an assistant professor in
the College of Education at Lehigh University.  My research team and I
are conducting a study on the life experiences and well-being of
lesbian and bisexual women of color. It is our hope that with this
study, we can contribute to the understanding of the experiences of
individuals with multiple and intersecting minority identities.  Your
participation is essential to achieving this goal, so we hope that you
will take part in our study.

In order to participate, you must identify as lesbian or bisexual, as
a woman of color, currently live in North America, and be 18 years of
age or older.  If you would like to participate in my study, please
click on the link below and you will be directed to the online

Thank you VERY much in advance for your time!  Please feel free to
pass on this link to other people who might be eligible.
If you have any question about this study, please feel free to contact
me at This research has been approved by the
Lehigh University Institutional Review Board (IRB# 10/211 R).

Cirleen DeBlaere, Ph.D.

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