Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thick August Wisdom: Sweat Revelations

in populated air
our ancestors continue
i have seen them
i have heard
their shimmering voices

-Lucille Clifton "in populated air"

August is thick y'all. Air heavy with memory and insight to be sifted through our careful breathing, catalyzed with lemonade and late nights. Here in Durham every year QBG Nia initiates a process of Black August Haikus reminding us daily of the Black revolutionaries born and lost in the sacred month of August. August is thick with responsibility and our ancestors are here giving us unexpected lessons to respond to with our own open changing hearts.

Feel eternity condensing on your skin? Welcome sweat as purification, where our mostly water bodies can evaporate into air, communing with air, opening our pores for that wisdom just beyond the limits of our bodies. Take it in. Let it out.

August is as thick and dense as Blackness y'all, as diverse and revolutionary and transformative as we make it. And on August 2nd James Baldwin...Black queer genius revolutionary...champion for the freedom of QBG Angela Davis...brilliant badass rage-filled loving author would have been 86. Here in Durham we gathered on Sunday August 1st to praise his name. Check out the video here!!!


How are you hearing the ancestors right now? What ancestors are speaking to you? What gifts and challenges do you want to thank them for? Join the conversation here: http://grou.ps/quirkyblackgirls/talks/3836260

Speaking of populated air...remember that our cyber-community is on the move. QBG Moya will be shutting down the old Ning on Monday August 23rd so be sure to bring all of your images, music, etc over to the new site (especially you all star DJ's...ahem QBG Leah...)!

Also remember that we serve our ancestors by loving each other proactively. Check out the Me and My Sis Foundation for ways to be in supportive love with Black women all over the planet: http://www.meandmysisfoundation.com

And for QBG's in Boston be sure to check out Queer Women of Color and Friends WEEK during this first week of August.
I can tell you first hand that the QWOC crew creates exciting affirming spaces and events and dance parties definitely designed to help you sweat it out! Take pictures! Tell us how it went!!!

And most importantly stay hydrated centered and present!
Happy Black August y'all!
infinite love,

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