Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frost: A Breakthrough

Greetings Beloved Quirktastic Community! To be honest, I've been wanting to write you this message since the day after I wrote you the last one, but lest I appear to be playing games with your love (leaving off for such a long time and coming back with daily doses)...I decided to wait. I wrote this while I was still up in Blue Mountain Lake NY with QBG extended familia Climbing Poetree ( and a beautiful lake and a lot of scandalously transforming trees. The other morning I had the opportunity to to take a walk in a meditation labyrinth at sunrise and I encountered something I intentionally almost never encounter...morning frost. And for course, like everything beautiful it made me think of you and us and what a miraculous breakthrough it is every morning for us to wake up to the heat of how we inspire each other and the urgency of the world we are creating. In high school my English teacher Catherine Tipton (shout out to the quirky white witchy cat loving brilliant and scary english teacher crew) asked us to write about our "cold white center of fear" I don't really remember what I wrote...but it occurs to me...observing the frost that maybe fear...though cold and white...may not be so central at least for us as QBG's...maybe the coldness and whiteness (and white supremacy and ableistheteropatriarchy perhaps) that threatens to stop us is external...a painful coating that the tendencies of the world leave on us, chilling us to the bone and making us wonder if we can wake up another day and breakthrough whatever we gotta break through to keep growing. I went to a preschool called sundance, and every morning we sang songs like "here comes the sun" and indeed despite the frost the sun did come up during my spiraling walk the other day and it made me think about the brightness of your brilliance. The way the possibility of writing to melts excuses and barriers, the way the kinetic energy of the mutually inspired divinely aligned work that we are doing all over the place is an energy source, a field of metabolic heat that makes it possible for each of us to break through our morning frost and make it hot all day long! To be clear...we are not to blame for global warming, but we are a aligned with that source of life that makes growth possible. We are in touch with the sun. And anyway at the risk of sounding as sappy as I am, I want to thank you for lighting up my life. Have an excellent thaw today. And speaking of heat...SOON as I get back home and have access to some bright orange will be able to get your very own shareable copy of FIRE...volume 2 of the Little Black Feminist Book Series featuring essays and poems about the hot queerness of our love for each other and our transformative role on the planet. Order your very own here:…ies-vol-2-fire/ And speaking of what the sun can do...The Real Reading Rainbow: Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST mini web series is live! Check out QBG Moya preaching the gospel of the prophet Octavia and check out other episodes featuring yours truly, Frances, L'erin, Barbara Smith and YOU! If you are queer or questioning and quirky send a video of yourself (or a request to be filmed or a tutorial on how to film youself) to and you can be part of a future episode talking about a book that you love!

And click this link to see a big ol shout out to YOU QBG style at the Spark Summit!

Yes yes yes!!!!!! And in more quirky black girl news.....QBG Shunlundia reminds us to spend time with our sisters, given and person. QBG sisterhood can't be stopped! knew it was coming...there must be a QBG discourse on the mind-blowing fact that Ntozake Shange's choreopoem "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf" is being released as a feature film by (cringe) Tyler Perry! our sisteren on Wombyn Studies have been proactive about this as they eloquently say

Real Colored girls are
reclaiming the true meaning of our archetypes and forging new models for
Black womanhood from a place of internalized freedom.

The mission of RCG is to address representations of black women in media,
to challenge the means by which these images are created, and to
question how these representations impact our ability to “dream
ourselves differently” from the racist fantasies the dominant culture
disseminates about us.

so visit Wombyn Studies at and email to get updates about meet ups and discussions!

We love you! Stay quirky! Stay hot!

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