Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This made me cry. Crying before my mind knew what my heart felt....


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This made me cry. Crying before my mind knew what my heart felt. I'm sorry this happened to you little bear. Renina @ New Model Minority.



today is for you rocquel.

rocquel was killed last year in febuary for turninq down a quy at her school, tennessee state university. she told him that she's a lesbian & she had no interest in him whatsoever. he and his friends kidnapped her, raped her, and beat her to death. she was missinq for 2 weeks. her body was found broken and beaten in an abandoned house. i use to tutor her on tuesdays and thursdays. she was only 18.

And they ask us why we are wearing purple? It goes beyond issues of being accepted by the "straight" community and adhering to her views on the way our lives should be lived, this is crisis and at what point does it stop? First step in recovery is recognizing that there is an issue, now that we are at the step what precautions are we going to take as a whole, to ensure that this stops. No not just for queer, gay, lesbian, transgender individuals but for everyone. We are all - Lawrence king, Aiyisha Hassan, Jodi Gater, Stephanie Gestie, Philip Walsted, Micheal Sandy,Ryan Skipper, Tony Hunter, Tyler Clementi, Sanesha Stewart, Matthew Shepard, Charlie Howard, Rebecca Wright, Claudia Brenner, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Steven Parrish and even a three year old Ronnie Paris.  This list goes on and on for days, it has got to stop. I'll wear purple until it makes me sick. 


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