Friday, October 1, 2010

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I have a long history of hating black men and now I am one.

The caricatures and stereotypes in the media are a large part of my internalized racism and self-hatred. I don't know how to be a black man. I find myself without the coping skills to survive in the world that you learn when growing up with other black men. It is a process discovering who I am going to be. A lot is how comfortable I am with myself, getting rid of the defensiveness I had as a woman, and finding balance in terms of male privilege and still being a feminist man.

More than anything I want to be a person of integrity, no matter the gender or color. I want to be a "white oxford shirt" kind of man: kind of bland, kind of comfortable. Even bland men are visible and part of being visible as a man is that lack of attention, being just another guy.

— Lyle at 43

Transfigurations by Jana Marcus


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