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tionam: I’ve decided to offer the ENTIRE ‘coming.out.’ section...


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I've decided to offer the ENTIRE 'coming.out.' section of the 'black./womyn.:conversations…' film for you all to view in celebration of National Coming Out Day! Please share the video link with friends, family, etc. I hope that this will provide a starting point for some much needed dialogue in the Black lesbian community and many others.

This link will be LIVE until next Mon. 10-18-10 So please spread the word!


About The Film:
black./womyn.:conversations… is a feature-length documentary focusing on the lives and views of lesbians of African descent from various backgrounds. The documentary is structured by interviews-"conversations"-the director had with each of the women. It features candid interviews with black lesbian women discussing coming out, sexuality and religion, love and relationships, marriage, patriarchy, visibility in media, discrimination and homophobia, activism, gender identity, Black lesbian youth and elders, balancing gender/race/sexuality, and, finally, what it means to call oneself a Black lesbian today. black./womyn.:conversations… is a piece that provokes honest, progressive dialogue and critical thinking among people in general-and Black lesbians in particular-about how Black lesbians are viewed and affected by society. black./womyn.:conversations… features interviews with close to 50 out, Black lesbians including Poet/Author Cheryl Clarke, Filmmaker/Activist Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Poet/Author Staceyann Chin, Filmmaker Michelle Parkerson, Artist Hanifah Walidah, Hip-Hop Duo KIN, and Author Fiona Zedde.

This film encourages progressive dialogue about images of Black lesbians and the stereotypes resulting from their portrayal in media and society at large. The director hopes to create conversation among Black lesbians of differing ages, backgrounds about the lack of communication among these groups and how this affects the overall unity of Black lesbians as a group.

black./womyn.:conversations…also facilitates social change by presenting a well-rounded view of Black lesbian women. The women in the film vary in age, gender identities/expressions, and professions. Thus, the project impacts black lesbian women nationally and internationally, especially in remote areas where visibility is minimal. The film also impacts non-LGBTQ communities by deconstructing monolithic understandings of Black lesbians in the media and society as a whole. The film portrays black lesbians at all levels and stages discussing their lives as they relate to relevant topics.

Order the 'black./womyn.' DVD at: blackwomynfilm.com


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