Friday, October 8, 2010

Why you should enter the Black Youth Project’s Video Contest, Democracy Remi...


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via Black Youth Project by Fallon on 10/8/10

So, I am writing a blog this morning about why black youth should submit videos for the Black Youth Project's video contest, Democracy Remixed.

  • The first reason is that I know black youth got lots of things to say. My morning bus rides to school are never quiet because black youth are always talking "loudly" about some issue—"Girl, did you hear about what happened to so and so when he was walking home . . ." So, why not take that conversation and make a video blog about it?
  • The second reason is that $500 dollars can buy lots of school books  . . . but, it can also buy lots of clothes from GAP so that you can be fashionable as you think about how you're going to change the world one day.


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