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New Post: Thinking Jay Electronica and "Choking Women During Sex."


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I hate them record scratch assed moments when I have to rethink whether or not to deal with an artist. Or whether I will be able to listen to them the same way after I heard them say something bugged out with regard to women, Black people or Black women.

Context. I rode for Jay. Read posts here and Jay Electronica is Basquiat on Wax.

I saw the videos this morning of Jay Electronica surveying his audience during his shows asking whether "All Women Liked to Be Choked" during sex (@00:20 sec).  Please note that in this clip he does say that he "didn't say that all women liked being choked during sex,  some women do."

I couldn't help but think, man listen, here  goes another Clipse-esque "Tree Huggin Ass Bitch " moment. The context is that I use to be a huge Clipse fan until I realized that they were calling me a "tree hugging ass bitch." I still bump them from time to time, but it ain't the same.

With regard to Jay Electronica, the issue isn't the fact that he is discussing sex that involves erotic asphyxiation, or grabbing or smacking. Get it how you live. Sex on mutually agreed upon terms between two adults is what the streets want.

The issue is that when he asks "Do All Women Like Being Choked" question over and over again at different concerts, along with making statements like "You know what that means there's a lot of women in Seattle getting choked against they will..[crowd laughter] "  he is contributing to an environment that renders sexual violence as normal, an environment that already blames women for being sexually assaulted, a sexual ecosystem where 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to police,  a sexual ecosystem where every 2 minutes someone is sexual assaulted.



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