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Am I "Homophobic"? - Professor DV

I'm cruising down one of Atlanta's ubiquitous Peachtree Rd's listening to Jamie Foxx on the Sirius radio, when I spot a Drive Through Starbucks. Cool. I'm going to grab me a hot green tea, a bottle of water, and I don't even have to jump out the car.

I pull up to the outdoor intercom. I hear a garbled, muffled, digitzed, husky, country

"Welcum ta starhbuuucks. May I tayk ya orduhr?"
Um. Uh… Yeah. I'd like a green tea please.
"ah whuut?"
A green tea. I'd like a hot green tea please.
"Wull dat be it?"
Yes, that will be it.
"That wull be a dollar fitty. Pull up please."

I pull around the corner, a window a slides open and a 6'4" grown ass black man wearing a reddish blond wig and sporting manicured long nails sticks his entire head out the drive through window towards my car while holding an iced green chi tea latte.

There's a long beat… Silence… Pause.

I must have been looking at homeboy like he had two tongues and three nostrils, because a look of shame seemed to creep over his face.

The electric window of my car slowly slides down as Ru Paul and I maintain eye contact. Beat.

I asked for a hot tea my man.

Ru Paul looks confused … mumbles an apology … and ducks his head back into Starbucks. I fish my card out my wallet and grab the iPhone to document this moment. He pops back within seconds holding a hot tea. I snap his picture while frontin' like I'm adjusting the radio, take the tea, then hand him my card.

Thank you brother. I appreciate that my man.
Add a dollar on that for tip.

This seems to confuse him more. Not the tip, but the fact that I'm acknowledging his obvious manhood seems to cause him cognitive dissonance. He returns with the card, mutters a quiet curious muted

"thank you".

Looking him in the eye, I reply

"No problem brother, have a good day my man."

The window slowly slides up. I quickly pull off.

Now, does refusing to treat a brother like a broad make me homophobic?

Refusal to participate in the grand charade which insists a 6'4" 210 pound person with testicles is a woman - is an act of freedom. It's an act of self-determination. Acknowledgment of the truth is freedom of religion.

*Shots Fired*

No you're not homophobic, you were listening to Jamie Foxx on Sirrus Radio.  It doesn't get anymore gay friendly than that.

Anyway, what was the point of fucking with the barista?  Why care about how they choose to live their life?  All that calling them "my brother" shit, really?  Flag on the play. Excessive Taunting. 

No, sir. You are not homophobic. It's more likely that you are transphobic. Why would a big-ass man choose to wear a wig? Probably because that's not a man. Gender is a social construct, and can be pretty fluid. Much like race. It is not your right to take a picture of someone you see randomly at a Starbucks then plaster it all over the internet as if you were exhibiting a circus freak. You do want to live your life the way you see fit without all of the bullshit that ignant ass people say, don't you? I know I do. That's pretty impossible as long as there are idiots out there who refuse to let people live. And no, I am not trans. I am not even homosexual. I am a straight, cissexual woman ass woman who is calling you out on your bullshit.

Worst of all treating this person like this makes you an asshole. I do hope that making this person feel bad and embarrassing them on the internet makes you feel good tough guy. That's not freedom it's just an excuse to be a douchebag. Congratulations.

does the woman in the picture know that her picture is being circulated around the internet and made fun of? no? then that makes you a dickhead for doing it. and if there were some way to hold you criminally liable, I'd find a way to do it if it were me.

I saw the pic on my dash and her expression broke my heart. I wish she could've thrown that scolding hot tea in your face w/o retribution. 

And why are you overcompensating anyway? Cuz you know an equally insecure, hatefull, asshole "REAL MAN" would've clowned you for ordering green tea? You are so transparent! An "act of self-determination" my ass! This aint nothin but ignorance, bigotry, and hate. A better person, a better man, wouldn'a gave not one fuck about how someone else lives life.

Shit, I don't even BELIEVE in jail, but I wouldn't mind seein yo bigoted ass up under one.


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