Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Have any Fancy *F*eminist People Who Own Words written things disallowing "sexual assault" as a term to describe new TSA procedures? Like when they wrote things about the illegality of saying "birth rape" to name your own life events?

Cuz that would be a really interesting comparison.

PS. Can we call mainstream feminism ~*Fancy Feminism*~ from now on?! I know most of the cool kids have moved on from referencing that song, but I haven't cuz it still makes me dance which makes me happy… (Also, T.I.)

PPS. This is one of those "about to fall asleep and should maybe not be posting" posts. But I put together a lotta good and random words here and I don't wanna waste 'em.

edit: STOP THE TRAIN. Would <3~*Fancy Feminism*~<3 be the opposite of CRUNK FEMINISM?!?!?!?!


Mind blown.


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