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"The reason I’m even responding now is because I want to address the “but I ...


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The reason I'm even responding now is because I want to address the "but I just don't find [insert thing] attractive…" meme that goes around as though dismissing any attempts by an oppressed group to stake their claim to beauty and worth and dignity because it doesn't personally push your happy buttons. I'm talking about the bullshit where people say, "I just don't find fat girls attractive" or white people say, "I just don't find Black/Latino/Asian/etc… people attractive" or "I just don't find transmen attractive". This is not just about who you personally consider worthy of your sexual and aesthetic interest. Fine, you don't want to fuck a fat girl or an Asian man or a transman. I'm sure the fat, Asian, transman communities will collectively get over the loss of you as a potential romantic and sexual partner.

This is not about getting you to drool with lust, because honestly, I don't fucking care about these things getting privileged assholes drooling and become so much serviceable material and socially masturbatory privilege porn for them. This is about people saying that society does not get to dictate attractiveness based on its relative position to whiteness, ableness, thinness, cisgender/cissexualness. This is about showing a picture of something radically different from the bodies that are fodder and instructive materials on oppression and saying, "Look harder, see the beauty that's been there all along, challenge yourself, take off the privilege lens, see the human being, see the TRUTH."

Obviously, you fail at this. As do so many others. Congrats, you're in bad company. The worst company. But like the sign says: a defensive, small-minded ableist lives here.


- madame thursday: "narrow views of aesthetic attraction" (via exhibitnumber1)


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