Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thesmithian:Facebook has conquered much of the globe…But in...


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Facebook has conquered much of the globe…But in India, a homegrown start-up is eating the social networking giant's lunch. SMS GupShup (meaning "chit chat" in Hindi) has more than 35 million users to Facebook's 12 million. It promotes social networking through text messages—which makes sense in a land where you can pay your rickshaw driver via cell phone, but often can't find an internet-enabled PC…Its SMS-based services account for more than 1.5 billion texts a month…Instead of a Facebook newsfeed, India's cell-phone-using masses subscribe to text feeds, where they discuss everything from stock tips to religious events. It even functions as a newsletter for the Hmar tribe in Northeast India, which sends out alerts about marriages, deaths and other tribal happenings…"One way to think about text messaging is it is the Internet in the developing world," says CEO Beerud Sheth…

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