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July Programs at Charis: African Americans Doing Feminism, The Revolution Starts at Home, and much more!

July Programs at Charis


Dear Moya,
July is shaping up to be hotter than ever with a wealth of programs to engage, educate, and entertain you. As always, you can visit us online at and on Facebook. Or come see us in person at 1189 Euclid Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30307 (404)524-0304

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African Americans Doing Feminism--Friday, July 8, 7:30-9pm
We are so excited to welcome contributors Aaronette M. White, Mary Anne Adams, Pearl Cleage, Dorothy M., and Vanessa Jackson to share from the anthology African Americans Doing Feminism.

How might ordinary people apply feminist
principles to everyday situations? How do feminist ideas affect the daily behaviors and decisions of those who seek to live out the basic idea that women are as fully human as men? This collection of essays uses concrete examples to illuminate the ways in which African Americans practice feminism on a day-to-day basis. Demonstrating real-life situations of feminism in action, each essay tackles an issue-such as personal finances, parenting, sexual harassment, reproductive freedom, incest, depression and addiction, or romantic relationships-and articulates a feminist approach to engaging with the problem or concern.

Featuring local contributors:
-Tubes Tied, Child-Free by Choice
Aaronette M. White
-"Sister Outsiders": How the Students and I Came Out
Mary Anne Adams
-The Second Time Around: Marriage, Black Feminist Style
Pearl Cleage
-When the Hand That Slaps Is Female: Fighting Addiction
Dorothy M.
-Diving Deep and Surfacing: How I Healed from Depression
Vanessa Jackson

This event is part of our Founding the Future of Feminism Project and the Organizational and Community Building Project.

pen with roots
Writing With Intent--Mondays, July 11 & 25, 6:30-8:30pm

This facilitated group is open to writers of fiction and creative non-fiction who want a serious group to provide constructive criticism, motivational exercises, and interpersonal accountability to keep their writing on track. Writers are encouraged to bring copies of their work to share for critique. For more information, please contact Elizabeth at This event is part of our From Margin to Center Literary Project.

The Revolution Starts at Home: Embracing Transformative Justice with Alexis Gumbs--Wednesday, July 13, 7:30-9pm
Join us in welcoming back a longtime member of our Charis family, Alexis Gumbs as she reads from her essay in The Revolution Starts at Home and shares some of her strategies and wisdom about creating transformative justice in all of our communities. The Revolution Starts at Home finally breaks the dangerous silence surrounding the "open secret" of intimate violence-by and toward caretakers, in romantic partnerships, and in friendships-within social justice movements. This watershed collection compiles stories and strategies from survivors and their allies, documenting a decade of community accountability work and delving into the nitty-gritty of creating safety from abuse without relying on the prison industrial complex. Fearless, tough-minded, and ultimately loving, The Revolution Starts at Home offers potentially life-saving alternatives for creating survivor safety while building a movement where no one is left behind. 

Click here to read an interview with Alexis about the book.

This event is part of our Organizational and Community Building Project and is co-sponsored by Southerners on New Ground (S.O.N.G.) and Project South.

Become Moneylicious with Personal Finance Expert Ornella Grosz--Thursday, July 14, 7:30-9pm

Want to be moneylicious? Ornella can show you how. At 28 years old, Ornella Grosz is a personal finance expert, speaker, and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Moneylicious: A Financial Clue for Generation Y, as well as a featured financial expert for Atlanta Post, AOL Wallet Pop, Bankrate, Daily Finance, The Street,, and American Express's Currency web site. 

Here is what Ornella has to say "I'm a huge advocate of managing your money to fit your financial needs. I am not telling you what you should spend your money on. I am suggesting ways to evaluate your financial status so you can buy your "gotta haves," without feeling guilty the next day. I'm here to reintroduce the basics of personal finance, and to offer tips to enhance your relationship with your money. When you become informed and educated you make better financial decisions."

Ornella will read from her book and host a Q&A to offer you personalized advice about your finances so come prepared with your questions!

Vist: to learn more about Ornella's money managing strategies. 

This event is part of our Urban Sustainibility Series.

Do it Like the Star You Are: How to Release Fears & Anxiety in Your Sex Life Presented by Marla Stewart--Friday, July 15, 7:30-9pm
In this informational discussion, Marla Stewart, founder of Velvet Lips, will help us to address our different fears and anxieties pertaining to our sexual lives and offer step-by-step ways to overcome them. This will include foundational ways to initiate, how to introduce new sexual techniques, communicating fetishes, as well as any fears or anxieties that pertain to you specifically using somatic sexual techniques.  This will be a lively and interactive examination of how to build up more confidence and release your inhibitions. This event is part of our Urban Sustainability and Founding the Future of Feminism Projects.
Akoma Book Club: The Gift of Change--Saturday, July 16, 10:30-12pm
The Akoma Book Club (of Women Healing Women) is open to any woman seeking camaraderie with like-minded women for fun, self-empowerment and growth. Even if you haven't read the book, but are willing to talk
about the principles in the book, you can join us for a lively discussion. July's book pick is The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson.

"The Shadow Behind the Rainbow" Screening--Tuesday, July 19, 7:30-9pm

Join us in welcoming JeShawna Wholley, one of the creators of "The Shadow Behind the Rainbow" a film which attempts to capture the depth of the Human Rights Movement from the perspective of Black Queer Women and allies who are active in the fight for social justice.This piece chronicles the movement from past to present day, highlighting those lost faces and voices, but also shedding light on the various forms of activism that exist within the movement. "The Shadow Behind the Rainbow" tells Our history...Captures Our movement....and challenges us to make a Choice to be involved. The film will be followed by a short discussion led by JeShawna. This event is part of our Founding the Future of Feminism series.
Cliterati Open No-Mic--Thursday, July 21, 7:30-9pm

Charis and Cliterati pair up to present an inviting and fierce open mic & reading series on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Hosted by the anarchic spoken word team of Karen G and Theresa Davis, members of the Art Amok Slam Team, this series cultivates the voices of authors, novices and an assortment of poets, songstresses and storytellers. If you've never been to Cliterati what are you waiting for? We want YOU to share your words and raise your voice!

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