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Feminism 101 or Why Women’s Studies Can’t Wait: A Workshop for Girls


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Oftentimes undergraduate students complain that they are not introduced to women's studies and feminism early enough.  In an effort to support the development of girls as social agents we must consider exposing to them feminist spaces at earlier ages.

The Crunk Feminists are on the case! In November, we will facilitate a workshop on "Feminism 101" with a group of 10 Atlanta area teens, at the National Women's Studies Association Conference. We want to provide them with powerful readings, music, and speeches/spoken word as a means of introducing them to the language, issues and fierce care and resistance of our foremothers.  We intend to share our stories, hear their stories, and work with them to start making connections and naming their experiences. Family, we solicit your help and your donations to make this possible.

So often young girls of color are not given the tools to name their experiences and are therefore dealing with various forms of oppression in silence or unheathy ways. In the tradition of Audre Lorde, this workshop will present the basic tenets of feminist thought to help these young women craft the tools that will "transform their silences into language and action."  To be clear, we see this workshop not as an end, but as a beginning of building relationships, acting as mentors and big sisters, and working with these young women to create a brighter feminist future. As our QBG sister Alexis Pauline Gumbs once said, "we do this work because we think it changes lives."

We would really appreciate your support. And there are two ways you can help.

1.) The cost of the workshop materials per girl is $20. Click here to sponsor a participant. You can contribute any amount. And every little bit will help.

2.) We have also created an Amazon wishlist, where you can purchase individual items (a book* and a journal) that will be included in the goodie bags we are providing for each girl. 

Thank each of you in advance for helping with this endeavor!


*After many conversations we have identified a feminist body book that we think will be an important reference for these young women, a book that will remain relevant as their questions become more complicated. It offers great information about women's bodies, does not center men's bodies, and is progressive on LGBTQ sexualities. We wish the representations were more racially diverse and that conversations about disability were included, but frankly, more feminist of color, non-ableist, queer inclusive teen body literature is needed. 


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