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Today's meeting gave me new hope for people of color. It showed me that we never give up. That we fight for our people when the time calls for it. That we can come together and unify in the midst of all this oppression, when the cards are stacked most against us.

One guy argued that we should take this opportunity to educate our communities, and bring this energy and organization to the hood, where the oppression is most evident. the dude read my mind.

There were sub-committees for concerns such as students, arts and culture, press, social media, education, research, etc etc. I (kind of) joined the education committee where they're proposing to train people on different facets of oppression, such as racism, patriarchy, environmental racism, gentrification, among others.

Then to finish it off there was a bombazo, which is when drummers circle around and play while someone in the middle dances to the beat. i was hype! there were ppl clapping, shaking maracas, singing along: TUMBA LA PARED! (BREAK DOWN THE WALL!) This musical/cultural outlet is EXACTLY what keeps social movements alive. you cannot have a social movement strictly be about politics. You need culture. You need to identify with your roots. People of color are rich in ancestral tradition and veneration.

This kind of energy makes me wanna come back down to the city for good and join my people in solidarity as the times demand it.



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