Tuesday, October 11, 2011


hi all, i'm desperately seeking your help in getting some folks to participate in this project. if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass along their contact info, and/or forward this call selectively, but widely! thanks! 


"I AM" (Working Title)

Synopsis: A montage of queer Africans of varying nationalities, gender expressions and sexual orientations, discussing their experiences being both "queer/LGBTQGNC" and African. This project is a unique glimpse of intersecting identities from viewpoints rarely considered or represented.

Experimental Documentary, Short Film

Producer and Director: Aba Taylor

Seeking Self-Identified Queer/LGBTQ Africans

All ages, ethnicities, African nationalities, welcome. Male, Female, Transgender, All Genders welcome. All sexual orientations (except heterosexual) invited to share. Creative types welcome! Must be comfortable speaking about your identity in front of a recording camera, knowing the footage will be shown to a public audience.

Please be prepared to answer/discuss some of the following questions:

·      How do you define being African?

·      How do you define your sexuality?

·      What is the hardest thing about your identity/identities?

·      What does community mean to you?

·      Who/what is your community?

·      What is your relationship with your family like?

·      What would you change?

·      What do you want other people to know/understand?

·      What are you most proud of?

·      Who or what inspires you?

Pre-interviews will be held between October 10  16, 2011

Shoot and footage collection will be held from October 17 – 30, 2011.

If interested, please contact ASAP:


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