Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Count On Us to Be There: Transition and Transformation

"I am often afraid to this day, but even more so angry at having to be
afraid, of having to spend so much of my energies, interrupting my work,
simply upon fear and worry."
Audre Lorde, The Cancer Journals

Are you quick
enough to survive?

Can I count on you
to be there?
Pat Parker in "For Audre" (after reading The Cancer Journals

Octavia Butler is scary and mean. Even to people she loves. Believe me, I've
seen the letters. She really doesn't hold back. And as far as I can
tell, she's almost always right. So when in the voice of her prophet
Lauren Olamina in the Parable Series she writes: God is Change of course she's right. Are we quick enough
to survive? Are we willing to be transformed? Are we willing to face
transformation and act accordingly? Preparing for School of Our Lorde
night in Durham (join at
to be part of the party!) I watched this clip from Michelle Parkerson
and Ada Griffin's powerful filmic Audre Lorde biography "A Litany for

So brave. So helpful because it seems like day after day death is
transforming our people, our artists, visionaries, leaders and loved
ones into ancestors. And how do we relate to that transformation? I am
especially thinking about our QBG sister Ani who is right now facing
the murder of her brother. Please send her some love and energy when
you can:

In the face of these life and death transformations, the transition that
QBG is facing, off of Ning, seems relatively lightweight. If we can
honor love after death, surely we can imagine and prepare for life after
Ning. Capitalism imposes instability on our lives. So many of us live
in places that we do not own, firm in our belief that land cannot and
should not be owned anyway. And here on the internet we make space for
transformation on pre-existing sites, knowing that the real magic, the
real home-making is in our gathering. Where-ever and however. So as
QBG Moya has let us all know, NING is expressing it's capitalism by
charging monthly rent for sites like this. And we are moving. Some of
the same questions remain. Are we quick enough to survive? Are we
wiling to be transformed? Are we willing to face transformation and act

As always, Moya B. is on it!!!!! Please offer a dollar to the QBG Preservation Fund (i like to call it the
Transition Fund) on the chip in site ( to help with our costs for moving
from Ning to another platform. So far Social Go is the probable choice,
but let us know your thoughts or platforms that you think would be
best. Also let us know about skills you have or techies you know that
could help us build our very own site in the long-run.

Let's count on each other to be there. Understand each other to survive not
despite, but through change.

love always,

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