Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Do You Think About: Survival and Participation

“You will note that I have the world’s worst typewriter and
also that I am the world’s worst typist....What do
you think about what I think?” -Lucille Clifton in a letter to Toni

Y'all I am the worst, for leaving you so long without at QBG update, supplement, vitamin for your bravest days. And
usually I would police myself for self-deprecating but this morning I
can just say that I am being honest, in the tradition of Lucille
Clifton, the genius poet, medium, visionary whose papers I spent last
week swimming in. I can be the worst at something, with the most
faulty resources at hand and I still want, need and deserve to know what
you think about what I think. (Especially since what I've been
thinking about is YOU!)

Amaryah posted a brilliant forum about How We Deal (join the conversation!) and I have noticed that my
favorite survival strategies are archival immersion and graceful
self-care. So last week I also spent a day in the most
affordable and relaxing spa ever (okay i don't have much spa experience,
but imma make the everyday peace of the Korean sauna model part of my
self-care from here on out.) Anyway...atop the heated yellow jade
floors QBG Moya and I celebrated the existence of the Crunk Feminist
(check out Moya's open letter to Kiely here)
and talked about sustainability and the future (big ups to QBG M.Dot
who reminds us "Black Girls Are From the Future" AND the most exciting
thing about QBG which is all of you!!!!!!!

Are there quirktastic beacons among you who want a more direct role in the lifegiving process of creating and transforming
QBG as a space....wanna create QBG mixtapes, edit an issue of the QBG
zine, help create the counter-apocalyptic QBG Music Festival in Atlanta
in 2012 and the listening parties and celebrations leading up to it:

I think you are the most powerful transformative YES that has ever happened to the planet.

What do you think about what I think? (join the conversation here:



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