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Vision 2042 Project | Race-Talk


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A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (1000-2000 words due Monday, May 17,

Vision 2042: Notes toward a Racial Order Transformed

Imagine that the year is 2042 and that surely, dramatically, and transformatively, the racial landscape of the United States has changed over the course of the century. The long-forecast end of the United States as a white-majority country in that year may or may not be an important part of the story. Race still matters, but operates now much more to unify rather than divide us. Many trace the change to the Obama era that ended a quarter-century earlier – not necessarily because of any big new federal policies implemented during that president's time in office, but also because of other social and institutional developments that took seed or began to flower then. Some social justice oldtimers recall that they wept when Obama, our first nonwhite president, first took office. They did not know that even more meaningful developments were just ahead.

We invite you to elaborate this vision.

What would a United States another giant step or two toward racial equity and justice look like? What specific and notable markers of racial change would we see, hear, and feel? If some seeds of change indeed are in place right now, in 2010, and/or just around the corner, identify one or more of them for us. What sorts of things do we need to do to get from here to there? Who must play what role in moving us along?

We encourage a range of perspectives and emphases. You may want to tackle just one aspect of the challenge – what this future looks like, what the seeds-in-place look like, how to move from here to there – or a combination. The scope of your ideas may range from the local to the national; from matters of politics and policy to questions of spirituality and art; from pieces that emphasize the well-being of a single racial or ethnic group to those that discuss implications for us all; from attention to a single institution (say, schools, faith organizations, workplaces, or professional sports) to more encompassing perspectives. That's up to you.

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