Friday, April 2, 2010

Ideas of the Week that You Should Know About


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So I decided to post weekly the most interesting ideas, articles, new trends, controversial points of view, etc. that are making there ways along the net. Please enjoy! The first link in the list will take you to Erykah Badu's website and ultimately to her video "Window Seat" (for now, you can only view the video on her website) The video is polarizing folks left and right! Its causing quite a stir, perhaps being one of the biggest stories of the week. Later this weekend, I'm going to write up a blog post that dissects the video from my perspective. If you feel that I've missed something (or someone) or have burning opinions about anything, please do post to the comments section. Enjoy

1. Erykah Badu's Video "Window Seat" Off of Her Newest Album "New Amerykah 2"

2. The Lady Behind Fashion's Newest Trend — "Funeral Couture"

3. Why Being Female is a Pre-Existing Condition

4. Latoya Peterson's Five Part Series on Women of Color & Wealth:

a. Part 1: The Scope of the Problem

b. Part 2: Looking at the Wealth Gap

c. Part 3: Starting Points and Class Jumping

d. Part 4: Measuring the Intangibles

e.  Part 5: Looking at Outliers and Outsiders & Part 5.5: An Aside on Consumption and the Pressure to Shop

5.  Can Animals Be Gay?

6.  The Sandra Bullock Trade

7.  Why I Won't Attend Easter Mass?

8.  Laptop Killer? Pretty Close

9. Ricky Martin Comes Out: I'm a Fortunate Homosexual

10. David Mills (who was one of the primary people behind the upcoming 'Treme'), Television Writer & Producer Dies at 48

11. Female Politicians Don't Cheat because they're mommies

12. Jill Scott on Interracial Dating


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