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it is dangerous for us to think of the planet as resilient.  as if we cannot do real damage.  we treat each other this way as well. as if we cannot do real damage.  as if we, or anything, including the earth is immortal.

we are not.  the earth is not.

i have always believed in an after life.  in a timeless here and now that we abide in when we die.  and for most of my life i have believed that how we live is how we die.  and that death is about present of the timeless and placelessness of our being.

i come from a family that is comfortable moving between the worlds of matter and spirit.  people are used to having at least a couple of times in their life to be visited by the spirits of those who are dead or at least immaterial.

but what happens to those spirits if they have no land to live on?

and how do we live without the spirits?


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