Friday, April 16, 2010

URGENT: No More Ning... Socialgo's the thing?

Embrace the Quirky!

A message to all members of Quirky Black Girls

Hey all y'all out in QBG land!

If you haven't heard, Ning has made the decision to make ALL of their networks pay networks! It would cost us just under $30 a month to keep this QBG ship sailing! That's a little too steep for my blood and also really f*cked up in today's troubled economy (you saw they laid off a 1/4 of their staff?!)
So we need your help in deciding what to do!
We plan to migrate all of our fabulousness to Socialgo, a site that promises to be free forever (or at least until iChip technology rules the land) and was designed to compete with Ning so it has a lot of familiar features.
The thing is... we have 645 members, who have uploaded 1,599 pictures, created 197 discussions, put us on to 150 different types of events and just made a home here! It costs $150 to have socialgo move all of our content! Now chile, we don't ever ask for no money and we hope we don't have to ever again but we wondered how you'd feel about giving  .23 cents to keep all the magic that we've shared for the past 2 years! 
It only takes .23 cents from each of our 645 members to save all the beauty we've created together! Your .23 cents will help a black girl in the whitest rural-est parts of the world find community, help black girls find music for us by us that speaks to our souls, help a black girl find a friend when visiting a new city for a few days. For less than a new ringtone, you'll get status updates, pictures and web content from these black girls for a lifetime! With this one time gift, you can make such a huge difference in a black girl's life (did I sound like Sally Struthers?)!And if just 150 of you could spare a $1 we could make it happen too! What do you think .23 cents? a $1 for the technomagic we've shared? 
We are still looking in to how we can do this for free free so if you know any webtech geniuses or you are one who can help us move, we'd greatly appreciate it and so would your fellow QBG's! Please respond to this discussion with your interest and or desire to donate to the cause! If you don't want to, tell us why too! All feedback is so necessary and so welcome!
Enduring QBG Love,
QBG Moya B.

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