Monday, May 24, 2010

Heart Reached.


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via The Crunk Feminist Collective by moyazb on 5/24/10

Dear Janelle Monáe,

Wow. Your Album reminds me of something Mdot always says: Black girls are from the future.

I've been a fan since forever, like since before you and I existed in present forms. The dorm tour, Dark Tower days, a jam session at Chuck Lightning's… for real a magical night that is the stuff of grandparent "when I was in college…" lore.

Its been amazing to see you come into yourself, like the magnificent sculpture that emerges from a lustrous wood and the work of a fine crafter. You were/are before your time.

With ArchAndroid, I've been transported and transformed.
What you and your wonder twin have done this year for music is like what Octavia did for Afro-futurism before she transistioned.
Prophets heralding a new world era where black women, clothes on or stripped bare are changing the game.

Having a wonder twin and twin myself, I really love that way of naming your relationship to Erykah Badu.  Where as she sometimes gives an audience a thread to hold onto in the way of a sample or familiar phrase while gently pulling us by the heart and third eye to the future, you ask that we take a risk and jump; sink or swim, fall or fly. Well luckily I am properly prepared, newly reminded that I'm 20 feet tall and I can jump up in the air and stay there.

ArchAndroid reminds me to reach for my higher self, that my playing small does not serve the world. It reminds me why I started quirky black girls and what I want for us.
I am so grateful for your words, the precision of your art, and the divine intention that your work reveals. You are a patternmaster, catching and transforming us with every note you sing.

You reached my heart.

With Love,

Moya B.

P.S. I loved your interview on 106 & Park! Also like your wonder twin, you seem to short the circuits of conspicuous consumption and groupthink. I love that you wear that tuxedo to honor your family and the girls who look up to you; A uniform for the cold war. Thanks again for reminding us to reevaluate.


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