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Janelle Monae's "The ArchAndroid" Movie Analysis


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This Title is no Accident. Anyone that has Surrendered their Ears to all Eighteen Tracks of Janelle Monae's masterful debut album "The ArchAndroid" knows that the Audio Experience is so Optimal, it becomes a Visual Experience, a Thought-Provoking Experience, and most importantly an Emotion-Evoking Experience. It is clear that Janelle Monae cultivated this Album with a Message bigger than any Award, any Accolade, or any Monetary Reward. She's giving us the Gift of Stimulating our Hearts and Minds.

Despite how many Associate her with the "Wierd," Janelle masterful uses her Quirks and Differences as "Superpowers," and guides you through a Story of Self-Discovery. We're reunited with our Heroine of the Chase Suite, the Android named Cindi Mayweather, as she continues her Frantic Escape from a Vicious Monolithic Government pursuing her and attempting to Disassemble her for Loving a Human. And though her Vessel is full of Left-Field Idiosyncrasies, she still manages to Connect with her Audience, locking into Emotions we all feel: Fear, Doubt, Desperation, that eventually blossoms into Vision, Purpose, and Self-Confidence. The Album itself is a Proclamation that we should Celebrate our Differences. Janelle proves with the ArchAndroid that no Matter how "Wierd" or against Social Doctrine we are, we all feel at the Core, and we're capable of having Life-changing Experiences if you Embrace each other.

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qleary11 said...

Thank you SO much, this really was great to read along while listening to the album. It was really helpful. :)

PLEASE make another one for Suite 4!!! :)