Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Official: We're Desperate for a BP Oil Spill Solution, Suggestion Box O...


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via RaceWire by Jorge Rivas on 5/26/10

Today BP started to work on the "top kill procedure," another attempt from a myriad of failed tactics to try to stop the oil leak in the Gulf coast. But after so many tries, people are beginning to lose faith in BP and are starting to come up with their own ideas and even asking Bill Nye The Science Guy for a solution.

YouTube and PBS's Newshour have partnered up to open a "suggestion box" and are accepting video and text responses from the general public on how to stop the spill.

Among the solutions submitted via-YouTube? A giant ShamWow towel.

Times are desperate.

Continue reading after the cut for animation of how the top kill procedure is suppose to work.



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