Saturday, May 29, 2010

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I am overwhelmed with this much beauty in a simple photograph.

^ I want to tell you I Love You for calling the "Locs" instead of "dreads". A little known fact for the ones that don't know. The "white man" started the terms "Dread Locs" or "Dreads". "Dread Locs" come from them saying…"Look at those 'dreadful' locs". And it has been shortened to "dreads" over the years. You will hardly ever or never hear a Jamaican or Caribbean guy with Locs calling the "dreads". 

lol, who ever said that whole "white man" starting the term dread, is terribly wrong. and i like how they say Jamaican or Caribbean guy, like those are the first and only people to have dreads. word to mother son, shutup.

yes, because bob marley wrote Natty Dread under the spell of the White Man. FOO'! 

—yeah in my experience, the folks who say 'locs' are usually more boho middle class black folks who get their locs done by a professional and want to distinguish themselves from the more lower-class folks with 'unkept' natural hair.  'dreads' are for those who rock it old school.  maybe this is just where i grew up in dc metro area.  but the first folks i knew who wore dreadlocks were caribbean women and they called them 'dreads' for short. 


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Felicia Monique said...
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Felicia Monique said...

I'm diggin' this post. It's a bit unclear who is making that first statement, however. At first I thought it was your opinion, but then as I read again I saw that you were actually dissenting. Can we get a quote? =)