Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IyaDedE| Music's Gift from Rwanda with a Kiss


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Images courtesy of IyaDedE

IyaDedE blows the cobwebs off of the seemingly archaic notion that music can make you think and stretch your imagination to new heights of consciousness. Yes, music can actually do this! In fact, music, or better yet, orchestrated sound was originally used for its healing powers and supernatural frequencies. (I digress)

IyaDedE, being a proud woman of Rwandan roots, still bears her culture's unearthed and organic gift of music that surpasses simple melodic theories. Her music soars. And if you have, the slightest yearning to take flight to a realm of soul, rock, afro-beat, and electronic funk, bid your dab reality adieu before experiencing IyaDedE's music.

IyaDedE's Youtube Channel
is nothing short of an artistic repertoire of some of the most introspective, organic, and pleasantly abstract visual encounters with music. My favorites are The Tea Ceremony for its simplicity and raw appeal, and her performance of In My Darkest Hour @ the Brooklyn Museum for its display of her fusion of music and culture. See a few of IyaDedE's vids below!

Videos courtesy of IyaDedE's Youtube Channel

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