Friday, October 23, 2009

SOMI! | A Jazz+Afrobeat Lovechild


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Lets not make any mistakes about it, folks... MUSIC is indeed an art! (hint: expect more music posts)
Afrobeat+Jazz is one of those genres of music that instantly takes me to a place of unknown familiarity. To put it more frankly, Afrobeat+Jazz, and for that matter, Jazz in general challenges my Generation Y behind to engage in musical expression that is noticeably cloaked in the Motherland's distinct and universal appeal. It sounds somewhat foreign but, if feels overwhelmingly like home.

Actually, its makes perfect sense that Afrobeat+Jazz are evolving as one. Im sure if Afrobeat+Jazz could talk, they would say "Don't call it a comeback! We've been intertwined for years!" (Was tempted to go into musical ethnology- Dah! I'll digress on that note.)

Somi is this sometimes overlooked genre of music's manifestation in the flesh. The first time Somi came to my knowledge wass in her music video for Ingele on Vh1 Soul. -Been a fan ever since. Recently a fellow Cincy-based blogger, reminded me of how powerful the artform of music is. So much so, that I was felt impelled to update my playlist and share an artist sooner than soon. (lol) I chose Somi because she is, well.... flat-out fly, and her new poster for her upcoming gig in NYC is amazing. (Click on the image for details)

Enjoy Somi's music video for Igele below:

Video and image courtesy of SomiMusic


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