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Tanekeya Word| Pop+Art+Royalty


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Tanekeya Word rightfully dons the title, "The Duchess of Art." You can expect to be graced with a royal dose of richness, vibrance, and sheer flyness when within reach of one her contemporary pop art creations. She has travailed as the truest of advocates for the arts. As such, by no amazement did I discover that she was pursuing a Masters in Arts Management at American University in Washington, D.C. I find it to be very inspiring that as an already a successful artist in her own right, she yet desires to broaden her reach in the arts industry. For her, it was not enough to solely paint the creations that adorn the halls of galleries and museums, but she felt it to be imperative to proactively impact the business of urban art, and ensure that it is propelled to the forefront of mainstream art institutions.

Ms. Word's pop art paintings are cultural cornerstones, in that, they inhabit a classic appeal to that makes their clearly contemporary subjects appear as timeless. Word's paintings have a way of seemingly putting pop culture's contemporary musings into a time capsule of matte and ink. Please, do not be as remiss to not indulge yourself in her explosive portfolio of color and culture. We should all be found in utter graciousness that " The Duchess of Art" is currently extending a wonderful Fall Art Sale!

While pursuing her Masters degree, Word is embarking on a few new projects that are sure to astonish, as well as launching a new website. Nothing like a woman who is creative and about her business! -Should you really expect anything less from" The Duchess of Art?" --Exactly!

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