Thursday, October 29, 2009

"There can be a kind of chauvinism in feminism. It shows up in a silence on ...


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"There can be a kind of chauvinism in feminism. It shows up in a silence on the types of violence perpetrated by women on women. Men are responsible for most of the world's violence, but there is a body of work out there and I feel like there is NO body of work for violence committed by women, or there is just a skeleton. Where is the discussion of lesbians who have abused other lesbians? (NSFW and you need a fetlife account.) Where is the discussion of female caregivers who have abused women with disabilities, or elderly women? What about middle class women who withhold educational opportunities or necessities from poor women? For God's sake, WHERE is the discussion of the violence mothers inflict on their daughters? There is this unspoken idea that violence perpetrated by women–even when it's acknowledged as equally heinous as the violence done by men–is somehow less worth talking about, because men have more power. But sometimes men and women have the same amount of power over some women–the most marginalized and vulnerable women. And when we do discuss it, someone will inevitably ask, "How did men cause women to commit this particular violence?""

- Oppression is a Trauma: Beyond Rape « Reconcile


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