Friday, October 30, 2009

Now and Then: Tammy… reppin for the mothers!


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Tammy was one of five winners in our recent "Now and Then" giveaway.


I am from Brooklyn New York. I am a stay-at-home Mom for the love of my life — my 4 year old daughter and I own a small business. I make wedding and baby shower invitations as well as other greeting cards. I make scrapbooks and sell my own line of natural hair and body products, such as soap, hair oils and lotions

On going natural…
I went natural in 2007. I had very fine thin permed hair, My ends easily frizzed up and I always had a flat iron and curling iron in my bag. I knew I was damaging my hair but I felt at the time I couldn't walk out the door without my hair been bone straight, I got tired of it and finally decide it was time to make a change.

summer2007 015

I was laid off from my company as they relocated to LA . So I thought this has to be the time for a new look and new me. I transitioned from August 2007 to April 2009. A day after hanging out with one of my girlfriends that has locks I came home got the scissors and officially chopped all of the relaxer out of my hair and felt free. My daughter has beautiful curly locks of hair and I didn't want her to grow up thinking that she had to changed her hair with chemicals, so I had to be the example.

A one-word description of her transformation…
Inspiring… I would have never thought that my natural hair texture would be so beautiful and soft. I love playing with my hair and styling it. I no longer waste half a Saturday in the salon … I can dance in the rain and jump in puddles with my daughter


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