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Your Top 5 products! Send ‘em in! ***Entries coming in!


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So, BGLH readers recently asked J, Shari and I — who all have very different textures — to list our top products. J kicked us off with her list below, and Shari and I will post ours in the coming days… but there are a VARIETY of textures represented by the women who follow this site and I want you to get in on this.

The instructions are simple:
Submit a photo of your hair (Note: Hair must be healthy. Hair texture must be evident in photo)
Describe your texture
List your top 5 products (feel free to elaborate!)
Say where you're from

We need to have our product game on lock as we head into the winter so I will be posting entries as I receive them throughout the day. Submit them to with "Top 5″ as the subject! Alright ladies, get to work!
Repeat offenders are welcome! Submit even if you've been profiled before ;)

First entry is in! I will be organizing them by hair type so it's easier to compare and contrast

Aisha from New York

Aisha 2 (Wet Hair)

Aisha 1

Texture Description: "I would describe my hair as Afro-Curly. The back section tends to be drier than the front. I also have a lot of shrinkage."

Top 5 Products:
1. Hairveda Amala Cream Rinse: This is the only product I've found that cleanses my hair without stripping it. It's similar to a co-wash.
2. Praital Silk Worm Conditioner: This is a rich, thick Dominican conditioner. I love Dominican conditioners in general.
3. Hairveda Whipped Cream: A rich, thick lotion that adds moisture and softness. It is very reasonably priced.
4. Blended Beauty Natural Hair Oil: This softens and nourishes my hair. It is not greasy and absorbs into the hair very easily.
5. Kinky Curly Curling Custard: I love this! It defines my curls and has a great hold to it.

Tamika in St. Lucia (originally from Jamaica)



Texture Description: "My hair texture is schizophrenic, but don't we all have that challenge. Looser curls at the front and back and straight, but coarser in the middle. The middle usually just stands up regardless of what I do, it feels like a bad relaxer in the middle if I do not moisturize enough."

Top Products:
1. Castor oil without a doubt: Refer to Jenteel's post. Ditto on all she said. I am super excited a bottle cost less than $2 US here in St. Lucia. I'll be stocking up before I leave. I use it to deep condition, as grease, to seal the ends of my twist and mixed with water for a spritz. I've been spending a lot more time at the beach and castor oil helps after the sun, sand and salt!
2. Coconut oil (cold pressed & unprocessed): Also fairly inexpensive in the islands. I use it to grease my scalp and mixed with water for a refresher/spritz. Also for my skin.
3. Suave conditioner in coconut or the one on sale: I use this to wash my hair.
4: Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercrème: This works for me right out of the shower to keep my 'fro tamed. It is pricey and gets mixed reviews but it works for me. I especially like the look and feel when I am in an hurry and rub a little through my wet air and go.
5: Honey: I use honey to deep condition with castor oil or as a 'gel' for a little hold. And no…I do not get eaten by ants.

Courtney V. from Brooklyn


Texture description: "I have yet to see hair that is nappy as mine on naturals I see walking about. And I have pretty good nap-dar."

Top 5 Products:
1. COCONUT OIL: I love it. I get the Spectrum brand at Whole Foods–virgin, unrefined. I use it every single day–probably about a teaspoon. Before I wash I melt about a tablespoon in a bowl, mix it with olive oil and rub it into my hair all over in sections. After a few hours, I wash it out.
2. Carol's Daughter Some of Marguerite's Hair Magic: It smells delicious…nice and sweet and soft. It leaves my hair really moist and soft.
3. Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner: Stuff is bomb. I use it for my weekly co-wash and leave it in while I comb out. I never rinse it out (I know this doesn't work for some people, but it works just fine for me). The next day my hair is super soft :o ) Throughout the week I don't use conditioner as a moisturizer; I use the above mentioned products.
4. Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol: (No Heat cap Necessary). This stuff is good for nappies on a budget…and super nappies who just want a really good hair moisturizer. This stuff is my crack. And I don't feel bad using a lot of because it costs $2.89 for 20 oz. It leaves my hair really soft and touchable.
5. Just For Me Detangler: Don't laugh.

Let's keep this going! Send your top 5 products in!


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