Monday, October 19, 2009

UnBossed and Found: Celebrating US!!!!

Quirky Black Girls launched a year and a half ago. More than 500 members later, here we are. Doesn't it feel like just yesterday? Doesn't it feel like we've been together forever? Time to celebrate that we're here, we're quirky and we're together. In 1977 the sistas in the Combahee River Collective said:

“The overwhelming feeling that we had is that after years and years we had finally found each other.”

Isn't it beautiful to be connected and full of purpose! Add to the rocking love for ourselves playlist that QBG Leah made to celebrate YOU here:

Also...QBG Danny added some awesome new music from some of our QBG faves on the mainpage at QBG. I know it has become my writing theme music already!

And as if you needed YET ANOTHER way to join the party PLEASE let us know if you have a blog or a site that you want us to add to our QBG RSS feed and QBG Moya will make sure your brilliance gets broadcast on twitter and the qbg blog ( We SO love knowing you!

AND-Gloria Anzaldua, our quirky queer feminist of color writer ancestor LIVES and has been beautifully re-found in Finding Gloria: Nos/Otras a new zine created by Noemi Martinez of Hermana Resist. and featuring work from QBG's Elle and Lex. Check it out!:

Also QBG Lex was listed as one of UTNE's 50 Visionaries Changing Your World.! Check out the MobileHomeComing Project ( that they highlighted love-child of QBG's Lex and Julia.

Our celebration happens in the context of a world that we still need to transform. It is time again to Be Bold and Be Red ( Lex is compiling sound testimonials from survivors and allies of color about ending violence against Women of Color. Send soundfiles and questions to

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