Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Alien Heaven: Connected to You!

"We share the same corner of an alien heaven."- Audre Lorde (unpublished journal, 1974)

How happy am I to be with you, across space and time zones. Intimate and unpredictable, socialist and wild. Out of this world and so deeply in it. Audre Lorde is always talking about
us! We share the same corner of an alien ever. I love creating heaven
on earth with you. Loving you is queer because it makes this planet
almost unrecognizable. It makes visible possibilities that the
oppressive frameworks we survive would never imply.

Today I am wearing a silver space suit looking thing that I got at my new fav store (if you are near ATL hit up Fearless Weirdos in Little 5 Points and check out the $2 bin!!!!) and
thinking about how intergalactic, how time travel, how beam me up
brilliant we are. We are more interconnected than I can even
understand. But I believe.

Show some time/space shifting love today. (As QBG Mai'a brilliantly clarified for me... that is in fact what the concept of the (Audre) Lordeian shoreline that I talk about in my dissertation intro
is all about. Write on someone's literal or facebook wall. Send a love note, stop by the front porch, call someone you've been missing.
Give a shout out. You know how we do. Of course feel free to use this
space for all or any of that :)

We are proud to have connected with so many of y'all about how Black Girls Rock via the blog talk radio airwaves this
past Sunday (you can still listen to the show here if you missed it live!)

And speaking of QBG Mai'a and her quirktastic skill at creating that world we deserve to live.... in check out the awesome projects she's got going on right now:

1. this is the mamphiles zine that we are fundraising for.

The collaborative effort of thirty-four zine-making parents, this fourth issue of Mamaphiles takes on the wilder side of parenthood –
from toddler-chasing to rabble-rousing. “Children are natural born
hell-raisers,” wrote Henry Miller. And as Mamaphiles’ writers can
attest, raising them can be an act of revolution.

Raising Hell features stories of an activist family imprisoned in Israel and racial injustice in the U.S., as well as essays on the more
quiet, inner struggles of parents striving to seek balance and creative
expression, heal, make a family and support each other.

2. the lilith plan.

basically guiding folks through self-induced abortions, alternative contraception, and other ways of not being pregnant...
i first got interested in self-induced abortions and contraception
at the same time that i started to study midwifery. to me its all
about being willing to mother ourselves, our bodies, and our
intuition. throughout human history, around the globe, people have
known how to not be pregnant. we have used herbs, movement, light,
scents, touch and whatever means were necessary to not be pregnant.
this knowledge isnt lost. sometimes it is buried under the bones of
folks who died in childbirth or bled to death from the complications of
a miscarriage. it has always revitalized itself nurtured by our desire
to define for themselves what is freedom, mothering, pleasure, sacred,
death and life.

3. thaura zine distro
we, aaminah hernandez (who lives in michigan, usa) and mai'a (who lives in cairo, egypt) started this little zine distro to share
zines, stickers and other cool stuff centered in the lives and work of
folks living on the margins: women and genderqueer of color,
third-world women, working class, mothers, and survivors.
in arabic 'thaura' means 'revolution'. and that is what zines are right? photocopying to reveal a lil revolution.

4. divine survivors clinic
i (mai'a) am offering free reiki treatments to us– the lovers, the fighters, and the survivors. a way to reduce pain, cleanse and strengthen the
body, balance the emotions and experience more clarity and vitality in
our lives.

Happy to be transforming this universe playfully and lovingly and seriously for real for real with you!

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