Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tears Dry On Their Own


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via ViridianSun by viridiansun on 3/17/10

I'm growing
All of us are
Ish is changing (abruptly)
Apparently I'm more vulgar for it
But, it's a phase, no soap necessary
Just time
Change is such an unwieldy certainty
When it swings, it never misses
I'm clearly on it's war path (gladly, in the end)
But, being jarred so can give me quite the misty-eyed blues
Yet, who needs a hanky
when there are so many little joys around quiet corners
to lift your spirits?
Today, this was my little joy...

it made me so happy to stumble across this little guy
do i need it? no
did i buy it? you betcha
it's a little practice i like to call retail agency
(now if only someone would just buy me the iPhone to go in it)


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