Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SNAG MAG, imMEDIAte Justice, & other awesome fundraising strategies

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SAVE THE DATE: 12th Allied Media Conference
June 18-20, 2010 • DETROIT

IN THIS NEWSLETTER: SNAG Magazine Sale / Help imMEDIAte Justice Win $25K / More Fundraising Strategies / Session Proposal Deadline

SNAG Magazine launches Spring Sale to raise money to send youth to the AMC

SNAG Magazine (Seventh Native American Generation) is launching a Spring Sale with 30% off selected merchandise. Funds raised from the sale will help cover the cost of sending two SNAG youth to the Allied Media Conference in June. SNAG is working with 7th Generation Indigenous Visionaries (7thGIV) to produce the first ever Indigenous Media and Technology track at AMC2010.

Visit the SNAG Magazine website and support this effort by purchasing SNAG's incredible magazines, CDs, and apparel.


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Vote for L.A.'s imMEDIAte Justice to Win $25K to Come to AMC2010 and Launch a Summer Youth Media Program

imMEDIAte Justice is a Los Angeles-based organization that trains youth in media literacy and reproductive health with a gender conscious lens. Professional filmmakers provide the mentorship, tools, & distribution teens need to share their vision with the world. 

imMEDIAte Justice is seeking a $25,000 grant from Pepsi's Refresh Everything grant competition. If awarded, the grant would fund a program this Summer to create positive sexuality education films by LGBTQ youth. The program would also include a trip for youth participants to the Allied Media Conference.

The grant proposal is currently ranked 17th out of 1094 projects. imMEDIAte Justice needs to break into the Top 10 to win the $25K. Will you help us make this happen?

  1. Go to this link and vote:
  2. Spread the word and get others to vote.


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Fundraising Strategies to Get You and Your Crew to AMC2010

Every year we learn about new, inspiring hustles people have devised to get themselves and their communities out to Detroit for the AMC. We've collected some of the most awesome fundraising success stories and resources on our website.

Go check it out.

Get inspired and start raising that dough to get to the Allied Media Conference. Let us know how we can help. 


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Now is the time to submit your session proposals for AMC2010.

The deadline is FRIDAY, MARCH 12.

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The 12th Allied Media Conference is organized by Allied Media Projects and is made possible through grants from Nathan Cummings Foundation, Media Democracy Fund and the Surdna Foundation. The 12th AMC is supported through the generous sponsorship of Salesforce, the Media & Democracy Coalition, and Free Press. Learn more about AMC sponsorship opportunities.

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