Monday, May 3, 2010

Juicy Butt


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I have a pair of indigo Levi's 518's. They are about
6 years old and I dry clean them only. They don't
even make these anymore.

My favorite pair of jeans. Casual, dressy and snug.

By the middle of my first year of law school I lost a lot of weight.

Living off of coffee and boiled eggs can do that.

The jeans became less snug and saggy booty.

I told one of my current mentors when I started grad school,that if she saw me on the light side, then that meant that I am not doing well, and to pull me aside and check in.

I am a #petitesnack as it is, so losing or gaining anything is noticeable. But 'chall also KNOW THAT I STAY eating. #nomnomnom.

Losing that weight allowed me to have REAL appreciation for the trauma that both people in general, and women in particular experience about NOT being able to fit into their clothes any longer, be it from gaining or losing weight.

I remember being out with my then partner, wearing saggy booty jeans, and seeing him look at my homies ass and I remember how awful that made me feel. That experience and others like it with him took a toll on my self esteem.

Never again.

Looking back, I guess I had to go through that to know that I will not
take that shit off of anyone. Only jawns that appreciate consistently,
who say it and DO IT are on my radar.

As I have gotten older, I made a commitment to Love my body, imperfections, perfections and all. Dressing in ways that accentuate the attributes and walking like a gazelle, as Bacon Grits calls it. #weintheair

I realized that doing this is both healthy, and also really attractive to others.

The body is always changing. The first year was eggs and coffee. The second year was carbs and running. I needed to do something active so I could sit in the library for 5 hours each night.  So I began to run, up to 6 -9 miles a week, which showed me other things that the body can do.

I am happy to say, that I put on those six year old indigo Levi's jeans on Thursday, they tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyght.  I'm eating. Its the end of the semester. I survived.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to get this far.


~Love #allcityreneens

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Elle.MoniqueMarrie said...

I believe, after reading everything you've said, that even if they had been a bit "saggy booty", you'd still love them.

But since they're not, GO 'HEAD, JUICY BUTT! lol Enjoy!! :-)