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This is an interpretation of Goddess Oya by Francisco Santos.

Oya is Lady of storms, one of the most powerful African Orishas. She's the sister-wife of the God Shango and most of her power is rooted in the natural world. She's the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes.

Loved and feared. The Savage Warrior, the Protective Mother. She will only accept, act upon, and speak the truth, even when it is hard to bear.

Oya is the protectress of women. Passionate, fearless, sensual and independent. She is the guardian of the realm between life and death.

"Oya is not a Goddess to be invoked lightly and must be treated with respect and care. While She will toss you in Her storms of change, and shelter you in Her caring embrace, She will also strike you down with Her lightning should the need arise. However, do not let that dissuade you from working with Oya, for She is the Strong Woman, the Bringer of Change and Seeker of Truth, who can be a most powerful ally."

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