Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rainy Day Growth: Quirky, Quierd and Pushing Thru the Dirt

"And how are you doing in the overall scheme of living amidst a crumbling world that turns its back on decency, morality, human compassion, common sense and sanity. Time to quit, I feel a lecture coming on. I am going to go and water my three healthy banana plants. " Gloria Joseph in a letter to Toni Cade Bambara on April 25th 1987

Yesterday was a rainy day here in the SouthEast and after a weekend of strategizing how to end Child Sexual Abuse in our region, experiencing the next generation of queer black energetic dance, and a deep Sunday dinner conversation about spirit, community, institutions and apathy, I wanted to be like the okra in the community garden in QBG Julia's new neighborhood. Thirsty and rooted. Laying still and drinking rain. Preparing for the unpredictable future I'll grow into. Preparing for another week of pushing through the dirt. It's still hard for me to think of days like that as productive, but I'll keep breathing deeply and remember that we're producing a world we can't even imagine yet. Living amidst a crumbling world, watering banana plants.

Share your rainy day wisdom here: http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/forum/topics/rainy-day-growth-quirky-quierd

It is my privilege to bring you news of a healthy crop of brilliance (AS USUAL!!!!) in our QBG community.

First off...we rock! Thanks for continuing to donate your dollars to the moving fund. We only need 57 more dollars! Hooray! To be one of the 57 go to the chip in site: http://www.chipin.com/contribute/id/5303f419aa24ece8

We love you! AND speaking of moving...QBG Dara hipped us to the brilliance and hilarity of a very Q BG...the youtube personality Hart. Check out my new theme song: "I'm So Quierd"

And for those of you who (like me) have been wondering why the heck Steve Harvey has a column in Essence Magazine QBG Renina continues to bring the truth. Check out her blog post on Black Women and Dating and let her know that YES she should do an oral history project and that you want to participate! http://newmodelminority.com/2010/05/03/musing-on-steve-harvey-and-black-women/

And speaking of necessary critique. What the hell, Cornell!? I know first hand that getting a PhD as a Black woman is hard enough without your professor calling you a "black bitch." But that is exactly what a certain Cornell professor did to two students. Let Cornell know that you are watching for an appropriate response. Several QBG's (including me) have signed this petition already:

And to QBG Kenya...who thought no one was ever going to respond to her request about whether we watch cartoons (http://quirkyblackgirls.ning.com/forum/topics/anybody-watches-cartoons-here). We do! In fact...QBG's Summer M., Moya B., Jalylah and Lex had a mini twitterfest during the season 3 premier of Boondocks. Is it just us...or was Huey's indifference face about Obama's rise to the presidency based on the picture that Moya posted back in Nov. 2008 of Lex skeptically eating a piece of cake at a certain Durham election night gathering?



Just sayin.

Infinite love to each of you, rain or shine!

P.S. Oh you are all invited to participate in the School of Our Lorde Webinar Series...Starting May 10th with PUBLISHING! Details here: http://summerofourlorde.wordpress.com/long-distance-love/

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