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AMC2010 & the U.S. Social Forum

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12th Allied Media Conference
June 17-20, 2010 • DETROIT


IN THIS NEWSLETTER: Travel/Housing Message Board, AMC-USSF "Bridge" Activities, Network Sponsorship, Grassroots Fundraising Micro-Grants, New Flyers

Housing & Travel Message Boards for the AMC and the U.S. Social Forum

Thousands of people are making their way to Detroit this summer to attend the 12th Allied Media Conference and the U.S. Social Forum. Many of them want to stay for the full 11 days of both events - from June 17 to June 27, but will only be able to do so if they can secure affordable housing (from cheap to free!). Other people can afford to stay in a hotel for that whole time but would rather invest their money in Detroit neighborhoods than downtown hotels.

AMC and USSF organizers want to make sure everyone has housing, and we also want to see as many resources as possible flow into our communities as a result of these two events. In order to facilitate this match-making, Allied Media Projects built a message board system where people who have housing to offer and people who need housing can find each other. If you are interested in making your house or apartment available, or if you need to announce your need for housing, check out the new Housing Message Board.

This message board system also contains a Travel message board to coordinate travel solutions to the AMC and USSF. We've also created a General message board which is a good place to share ideas, announce calls to action, job postings, etc.


This is just the beginning of us moving towards a more interactive Allied Media web presence that facilitates our network's connectedness year-round.


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Announcing "Bridge" Activities from the AMC to the U.S. Social Forum

Every year at the Allied Media Conference, we build communications infrastructure that stays in Detroit beyond the conference.  Last year, we encouraged AMC participants to spend the week following the AMC in Detroit to launch the radio station and recording studio at Hush House in the Northwest Goldberg neighborhood. This year, we are planning three projects that will start during the AMC and continue in the days after. Each of these projects are co-hosted by local organizations.  They form a "bridge" of activities between the AMC and U.S. Social Forum, and offer a way for Detroiters and visitors to share knowledge and build community together.

These bridge activities include the "Another Detroit is Happening" mural project, a community wi-fi build, and the launch of a new community radio station. Learn more about these projects and how to get involved.


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Become an AMC Network Sponsor

The AMC's Network Sponsorship program is an opportunity for the AMC community to invest in the success of the conference.

Here's how it works: Your group reserves 10 conference registrations at the requested rate of $100 each by April 30, 2010 and you receive the benefits of our "Ally" sponsorship level as a bonus ($600 value). Reserve 20 conference registrations at the $100 rate and receive the benefits of the "Supporter" sponsorship level as a bonus ($1,000 value).

We introduced Network Sponsorship for AMC2009 and seven organizations took advantage of this plan. We want even more organizations to invest in the AMC through Network Sponsorship in 2010. It's not too late to become a Network Sponsor. Contact us for details.


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AMP Awards Micro-Grants to Support Grassroots Fundraising to get to the AMC

Allied Media Projects invited the coordinators of the 14 tracks of AMC2010 to submit proposals for media projects that would support the grassroots fundraising and organizing of their tracks.  We awarded micro-grants of $400 on a first come first serve basis. Learn more about the awesome projects that are seeded through this process and how you can support: the New Mythos Tour, the Eco-Justice CD Compilation, and the Medios Caminantes CD Compilation.


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New AMC Postcard Flyers

Contact us and we will mail you some! Share them with your friends. 


Check out more tools to help you promote the AMC to your community.

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The 12th Allied Media Conference is organized by Allied Media Projects and is made possible through grants from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, Media Democracy Fund, and the Fund for Equal Justice. The 12th AMC is supported through the generous sponsorship of Consumers Union, Salesforce, the Media & Democracy Coalition, Mozilla Drumbeat, Free Press, the Center for Urban Innovation, Thousand Kites, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, MAG-Net, and the James & Grace Lee Boggs Center. Learn more about AMC sponsorship opportunities.

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