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the mujerista theory


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Mother's day is essentially the please forgive me for not caring enough to help out/take notice/take you out to eat/buy you flowers lets hear it for consumerism, google Anna Jarvis the rest of the year. I'm gonna get you a ring from Kay's or Jarod's because the commercial says I have to and I'll put it on our credit card. Also, mom, we are having a celebration so can you order the cake, invite the people, buy the food, clean the house, decorate and be a gracious host?

This is the one day that it is acceptable to acknowledge motherhood in places of employment, because the rest of the year you better as hell not even think about bringing up the difficulties of mamihood/single mamihood because we simply do not care and do not understand why you just can't hire a babysitter, calm down, take them to a daycare, budget your money better, go to a kid's award ceremony on your day off which is a Saturday/sunday or after 5pm, tell them to get sick on the weekends, your preteen had a melt down and lost his homework and you had to talk to his teacher and you smoothed it down and made it all better, who the fuck cares-clock in and shut up. But on mother's day, we celebrate you oh giver of life. Well la de freaking da no thank you. Now, you may ask well mizz cranky pants, you ranting is nothing new. Believe you me, you haven't heard enough.

There's a local conference which interests shout out to me to attend and interact Hell I haven't done that in a while right and I even volunteered to talk about violence against women–if there was childcare.

Was there?


What was the focus this year of this wonderful conference? The border/death wall. I emailed said organizer last year too, because it was a conference that shouted out to me to attend and interact.

Did they have childcare?


My consolation price? Next year's focus is women's issues and they will as a matter of fact have child care. Yes you heard right. Because parents people interested in social justice and the border wall are not parents/mamis/folks who need childcare. I am assuming they assume only mujeres that are mamis need childcare, thus the necessity of childcare at a women focused conference? I cannot compute the logic. Well puzzle me shocked, I totally thought I was allowed to spread the love of my heart to encompass both issues [because thats what it is, my activism is rooted in love & not having access to child care is not allowing me to do what my heart wants/needs. And don't you want that in your community? Don't you want people in your community to be so invested with their hearts & almas and don't you get it that by denying radical parents access to childcare, the community suffers? And then fast forward when you ask where are the artists you need to work for free and the baker who doesn't charge you for the vegan snacks and the gardener who was willing to teach her skills and the computer whiz who designed your posters and the person w/ the free PA hook up is, and where are all the radical poets and why don't they want to come to your table. I am at the kids table. Meet me there.]

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