Saturday, May 8, 2010

John Mayer: Another Example of Racism AND Sexism against Black Women


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I have to give HUGE props to Media_Justice for dropping the news about John Mayer in her latest post ( I also borrowed the awesome video from her as well) . It was the first time I had heard about John's screamingly racist remarks in a Playboy Interview about African-American women (not to mention his very misogynistic words about Jessica Simpson). 

So for those of you (like me) who were not very familiar with John Mayer, he is a young musician that has been in the news recently not only for his music but also for his personal life. Besides just dating other celebrities, he also finds time to do collaborations with Blues guitar legend B.B. King and perform at Michael Jackson's Memorial. It seems that these connections with the black community as well as other collaborations that he has done with Dave Chappelle, Jay Z and other African-American celebrities may have caused him to think he had a free pass to say whatever he wanted about the black community.


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