Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer M., Ventriloquist


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via my best friend gayle by summer of sam on 5/7/10

In light of Monday's post about Sandra Bullock's adoption, I thought it fitting to end the work week with some pictures of her and her black baby that I stole liberated borrowed from another site.   I added some captions.  I'd turn them into thought bubbles for Lil Louis (and the world--house music all night long!), but that's a little fancy for an analog girl like me.  Dig it: 

Ain't this some bullshit? I thought you said she was rich, dog. I can't get any bling?  These beads are wack.  Does anyone else feel a draft?

What do you mean she gets to keep me? I thought I was just here for the photo shoot. Am I still getting paid?  Wait. She named me?  Louis?  After Louis Armstrong?  I don't even know that nigga.  Somebody get my lawyer on the phone.

Getoffme, getoffme, getoffme! God. Eww, she put white lady spit on my cheek!

Look, Sandy, I'ma really need you to ease up, or the jab, jab, cross, uppercut, hook combo is next.  Ali bumbaye!

 Power to the people. (Right on.)



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