Thursday, June 10, 2010

"As a black anarchafeminist, I’m about as concerned with women’s ‘equal righ...


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As a black anarchafeminist, I'm about as concerned with women's 'equal right' to join in the slaughter of brown people as I am with someone's 'equal right' to join a human trafficking ring.

Rather, I'm not concerned about it at all; and I'm disappointed by assimilationists & reformists who seek inclusion in certain institutions without questioning the very legitimacy of those institutions in the first place.

I don't think a government decree grants violence some arbitrary cloak of legitimacy it wouldn't otherwise have – war is nothing more than state-sponsored mass murder; and the horrors of war tend to impact women (especially 'third world' women) in specific ways – that is the space on the Venn diagram where 'war' and 'feminism' touch that concerns me most, not some American woman's 'equal right' to drop bombs on innocent people.


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