Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, the tangled web of brown self-disdain…


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Just one month ago Chris Brown told "black and ugly" jokes about gossip blogger Sandra Rose on his Twitter page, in response to an article she wrote about his waning fame. Of the issue, Sandra wrote:

Every Chris Brown fan knows that he has color issues and that he prefers to date only light skinned women. They say that when one impulsively lashes out in anger, they open a window into their true character.

Yesterday, Chris Brown threw open that window giving us a wider insight into his self hatred in a series of tweets attacking the part of me that he despises the most — my skin color.

Laugh if you want to, but you should know that this is how Chris Brown feels about an entire group of people with brown skin — not just one.

If you have beautiful brown skin, you should be offended by his "spook by the door" insults and the message he sends to his young fans that it is OK to disparage and ridicule people with darker skin hue than his.

Sandra's Rallying cry brought many readers to her defense. Even I, who knew very little about her, mentioned it on my personal Facebook page.

Now, just a month later, Sandra has titled an article "Celeb Style: Solange Knowles Throws an Afro Wig Over Her Naps." (Thanks Robin for emailing this to me!)

Sandra says;

When Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles first debuted her short nappy hair cut, bloggers howled. Her own fans dissed her on message boards and even her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow went in on her on his Twitter page:

"What is going on with all these young ladies today cutting their hair and carrying themselves like men? Stop that! As a man, I don't want to look at you and see myself in your reflection."

Soon Solo was forced to defend her unkempt natural 'do by claiming she was making a statement (yeah, right).

Well, Solange finally grew tired of the jabs and barbs. Solo threw an afro wig over her naps when she DJ'd a set at TAO Beach in las Vegas over the weekend.

Work it girl! — that nappy look was not working for you, baby.

Really Sandra?

Well first off I'm not really seeing how Solange's hair was "unkempt". So I'm just going to assume that's code language for short and coily.

Second, dark skin and "naps" (as you call them) are features common to a MAJORITY of black people worldwide. How can you on the one hand defend "beautiful black skin" and turn around and disparage "naps"?

How is Chris Brown's "self-hatred" any different from yours?

And P.S., "Bow Wow" isn't a reputable source on…. anything.

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Staci said...

I so agree with this post. There's so much hiding one's self-disdain behind popular conceptions of beauty. Every woman is beautiful in her natural state, regardless if she has dark or light skin, kinky coily (I loathe the negative connotations associated with the word nappy) hair or straight hair. Too many people with mouths bigger than their minds.