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More Detroit Disability Justice Happenings #cripamc #amc2010 #ussf


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They say 20,000+ social justice activists will be traveling to Detroit this week for the Allied Media Conference (17-20), US Social Forum (22-26), and the Hip Hop Congress Conference (26-28). A lot of communities are using this time to organize and people are coming in on every mode of transportation possible: bikes, buses, caravans, planes… It will be the first time (that I know of) that a large number of disability justice folks will be gathering together to be in community with each other, build shared politic, and strategize about how to incorporate this new framework into our lives and our work. It has taken a year of finding resources and planning to make the events below happen, hope you can join us!

+ Beyond Access: An Introduction to Disability Justice (4 hour intensive Disability Justice training at US Social Forum)- you've heard the word disability justice used but maybe aren't sure what it means, or maybe how it is different from disability rights. you want to learn more about how disability intersects with occupation, racism, reproductive justice, the way our bodies are policed, and all the conditions of our lives as poor disabled folk, disabled people of color, queer disabled people, disabled parents, disabled youth… join us on wednesday june 23rd 1- 5:30 pm to learn more about this framework and movement. workshop is led by mia mingus, sebastian margaret (bio near bottom) and myself. for more information, visit

+ Allied Media Conference Disability Justice track! – this track is being co-coordinated by sins invalid and the national youth leadership network. a few teasers: the sins crew's "Radicalizing the Message: Performance, Disability & the Revolutionary Body" workshop (everything you need to know about production and disability), the Azolla Story Meet Up (queer crips of color zine party!), the fefes's "Let's Talk About Sex: Disability Perspective" workshop (sex, gender, ableism, disability), nyln's "Media Strategies to Expand Access for Disabled People" workshop (how popular education can work for disabled folks) and more ….  for more information, look at this schedule and find all the ones labeled "DJ":

+ Disability Justice Historic Convening – join disability justice activists as we come together to map out where we are in our individual and collective lives, strategize, and share our work. this will be taking place monday, june 21st. to find out more, read the invitation posted in my last blog post, here:

+ Mangos with Chili 4th Anniversary Show: qwo li driskillleah lakshmi piepzna-samarasinha, and tons more amazing performers still being confirmed… this show will be HOT. taking place june 24th at 5 pm in the amphitheater, the mangos fam will be focus on bringing beautiful, potent testimony of queer and trans of color and two spirit love, resistance, survival, kitchen tables and dreams of freedom to this world-transforming gathering… you won't want to miss this. to find out more, visit

+ Interdependent Care Circles (pod people!) – disability always forces access forward. this time, disabled folks will be creating a communal care network while we are in detroit. what this might look like concretely: 1.) people forming pods, both organically and being partnered with folks if they are coming alone. 2.) pods working together to make sure needs of people within their pods are met. 3.) on a larger scale, pods of people taking care of the group as a whole. e.g. DYP pod getting breakfast for folks, bay area pod making sure folks have a ride to the site, etc. to sign your crew up as a pod or find our more, visit

These are just a few things happening in the disability justice realm! (Hoping I can also dip my feet in API activism, youth popular educator circles, queer southern stuff.) If you will be in the D next week, let me know so we can meet up!!


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