Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because it’s all about the children


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This little girl has a loving family waiting for her in Illinois.  They purchased a new bed.  They applied for a visa so that she can travel to the United States from Haiti.  And last week her father flew to Haiti to bring her home.

She was living in a tent in Port-au-Prince.

But on Thursday Jean Onelien flew back alone. 

Onelien is a U.S. citizen.  But although the U.S. government is expediting visas for children as well as granting humanitarian parole, Jean Onelien's child is not included among the eligible.

Jean Onelien is Maulissa's biological father.

I hear cries from prospective adoptive parents about saving the children.  But I haven't heard an outcry for Maulissa Onelien.  According to my U.S. senators, they care deeply about the children in Haiti and support the expedited removal of "orphaned" children.

Because it's in the best interest of children to be in a loving family in the You-Essss-of-Ayyyy.  Better than that hellhole where people are dying without air conditioning.

Just not Maulissa Onelien.

So adoptive parents, if you're going to talk about the children!  Save the children! do me a favor and write a few letters to your congressional rep and your senators. Tell them you support expediting visas for Haitians with relatives in the United States.  Tell them that these lives are valuable.  Use the power of your privilege for good and not for evil.

Because I won't believe that it's "all about the children" until it's all about all the children.


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